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We live in an increasingly data-driven world and Statistics, the science to extract knowledge from data, is a leading discipline. Given its supporting role to other sciences, studying statistics has never been as important (and exciting!) as in present times. The Statistics section within CSS at URI is a growing group of scholars, teachers, and students committed in the advancement of quantitative reasoning, curious about exploring new areas of research, and aware of the importance of multidisciplinary collaborative work.

Faculty research interests include biostatistics, Bayesian methods, network analysis, econometrics, spatial and time series modeling, and project evaluation. Applications range from biology to pharmacy, from ecology to oceanography, from networks to finance. Offering a wide array of graduate and undergraduate courses, collaboration and consulting to the majority of Departments at URI, we are a well integrated, respected and sought after resource across campus.

Students who enroll in our Master of Science in Statistics program have the opportunity to choose a personalized program of study, typically oriented to the completion of a thesis work that can complement their learning experience. The MS program is a great choice for getting prepared for a professional career (our graduates find employment in banking, pharmacy, environment, education, consulting…) or continuing the studies in a Ph.D. program.

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