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Interactive 3D Graphics Partnership

3dg-logo-shadowWe are a special interest group involved in the research, development, teaching and cross-disciplinary utilization of 3-dimensional modeling, animation, and interactivity. Our core is composed of faculty, staff, and students who gain expertise by means of a series of courses coordinated between the departments of Art and Computer Science. Training of the expert core is furthered by their participation in research projects. The mainstay of our research projects are defined by collaborations with researchers and faculty from other URI departments.


In modern biological science research, a critical issue to success is handling and processing large amounts of data. Bioinformatics emerged in response to this requirement. The new field uses information technology to organize, visualize, and analyze large set of biological information such as DNA sequences and expression from DNA microarrays, structure-function relationships of proteins, etc. The Bioinformatics Group

  • Supports end-user access to biological information resources and bioinformatics tools with a focus on visualization, data mining, conceptual modeling, and statistical analysis;
  • Provides consultation and education in using biomedical databases and bioinformatics tools; and
  • Enhances communication and data sharing among Rhode Island biological researchers.


Cryptology is the science of coding and decoding secret messages. It is divided into cryptography, which concerns designing cryptosystems, and cryptanalysis, which is concerned with breaking cryptosystems. Our research has resulted in the creation of an educational website on cryptography and a MapleĀ® package for cryptography.

Computational Statistics and Machine Learning

The mission of the group is apply, improve, and create new techniques for the analysis of data including, but not limited to, algorithmic and statistical techniques, as well as newly merged computational and statistical techniques. We maintain an email list. If you would like to receive notifications about events or meetings regarding this group, please send an email indicating so to

Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center

The University of Rhode Island Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center (DFCSC) supports state, national, and international public welfare through education, research, training, and service in forensic investigations and securing information systems. The URI DFCSC is a recognized national leader in providing a strong, cutting-edge, comprehensive program in both fields. We perform research to develop new algorithms, tools and techniques for digital forensics and cyber security investigations.

URI Advance Project

The ADVANCE project at the University of Rhode Island is a 5-year program funded by the National Science Foundation in 2004-2010, designed to improve and enrich the scientific, technology, engineering, and mathematic academic workforce at URI through the increased representation and participation of women faculty. Through an aggressive institutional transformation effort, URI ADVANCE has improved recruitment and faculty development, as well as provided networks of support, and effected overall climate change, to the ultimate benefit of all faculty and students at the University of Rhode Island.

Archives of previous research groups and project can be found on the previous research page.

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