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Ram Hacks

What is Ram Hacks?

As URI’s Official Computer Science Interest Group, our mission is to create an environment for Computer Science majors, and those interested in related topics, to network and collaborate.

What does Ram Hacks do?

A little of everything! Ram Hacks welcomes people of all majors and practices to join together and discuss their interest in computers and electronics. We allow students to showcase personal projects, discuss homework questions, and organize movie and game nights.

When does Ram Hacks meet?

We meet Wednesdays at 4:00PM in Tyler Hall room 049. Just follow the smell of pizza!

Who runs Ram Hacks?

Our current president is Antoinette Bongiorno. She is supported by Vice President Douglas Deslauriers, Treasurer Daniel Gauthier, Secretary Kaitlin Morgan, and Web Developement Officer Thomas Clinton. We also have the backing and continued support of many professors and graduate students in the department. Input from all members is always welcome.

Who can join?

We welcome all new freshmen who are joining the Department of Computer Science as well as students from all other majors. No prior experience is required or necessary, stop by and check us out! If you are looking to get started, further your knowledge, or share what you already know, there is no better place.
Ram Hacks is a great opportunity for you to meet others interested in computer science and technology and make new connections. Students who are going into careers in the field are especially encouraged to participate. This is a great way to practice hard and soft skills that employers are looking for!

Upcoming Topics

  • Resume Writing for Computer Science Students
  • Programing Challenges
  • Guest speakers from FM global and Johnson and Johnson

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