IMPORTANT CSC301 Summer Session Info!

We are planning to run CSC301 – Programming Languages as an online course during Summer Session 1. This means that many of you who are working will be able to take this class!

BUT, before it can run, we need to have at least 9 students registered!

We are short of that number at this time so we need your help! If you or any of your friends need to take CSC301 as part of their Computer Science or Computer Engineering requirements, please register this week for the course. Would like to have the enrollment settled by next Tuesday, May 12 so that CCE can make the decision to run the course on Wednesday, May 13.

I hope to make this a fun and challenging course – we have a lot to cover in 5 packed weeks, but it will be worth your time!

Dr. Timothy Henry, PMP
Department of Computer Science and Statistics.