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Caution this is an independent contractor position which may affect taxes and scholarships.

My name is LaQuesia Gorins and I’m the Hiring Manager at Frog Tutoring. We are a tutoring company and we are starting to see a significant boom in clientele in Kingston. Unfortunately, we don’t quite have the numbers to meet the demand. I spoke with representative from your university and she informed me that I should contact you in regards to posting flyers.

We currently have several University of Rhode Island who are in desperate need of tutors this fall! Could you help us out? We are looking for students within your Department that are passionate and knowledgeable about teaching and learning. I’ve included a job description and a benefits overview below.

Would you mind forwarding this to students that may be interested? If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My information is listed below. Thank you!
All Frog Tutoring tutors will meet with assigned students to provide one-on-one private tutoring for subject matters in their areas of expertise. Tutors are to serve as a guide and coach to assist their students to become a successful, independent learner while integrating effective study and learning strategies to maximize the student’s potential for academic progress. Ultimately, it is the tutor’s responsibility to motivate students to want to learn, achieve, and be self-motivated.

Why Work For Frog Tutoring?
1. Flexibility
2. Tutors will choose which grade levels and subjects to tutor.
3. Tutors will create their own work schedule.
4. As long as tutors work the minimum amount of hours a week, they can work as many hours as they like.
5. Driving Compensation Depending on the distance, tutors will be compensated for driving over a certain mileage.
6. Bonuses Tutors who constantly receive high tutor rankings will be eligible for periodic bonuses.
7. Incentives & Acknowledgement (Hard work does not go unnoticed!!!)
8. Tutor of the month: Every month the Regional Coordinator from each region will submit one tutor to be selected as the tutor of the month. This tutor will have their name and photo posted on the corporate page of the website as well as our Facebook page. Not only will they receive public acknowledgement and a certificate, the tutor of the month will receive “special prize” which will vary each month.
9. Tutor Referral Program during our “busy” season
10. During times when there is a high need for tutors, current tutors will receive a bonus for every person referred and hired that are qualified to tutor in high demand subjects.

If this position interests you, please apply online at:

Thank You.

LaQuesia Gorins
Hiring Manager at FrogTutoring, LLC

Office: (817) 717 7235 I Fax: (877) 904 0134 | | Skype: FrogTutoring5