Fix This Site

Do you not like this website?
Wish the mobile version was better?
Want to make contributions to the content?
We are having an initial get together for students interested in web based fixes for the department. Specifically, content authoring and migration, web design and/or development-related projects.
If you are interested send what times you can participate at
If you have questions email Jake at   jfonseca at
Topics may include:
Authoring website content and graphics using WordPress content management system.
Assisting in coding (both client-side and server-side) and creating database-driven web projects, using standard technologies such as XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, etc.
If you want to practice any of the following:
Marketing and branding
Good writing skills and motivation to learn new skills and technology.
Experience with XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Web content management system (such as WordPress) and graphic editing software (such as Photoshop).
Basic programming skills using a scripting language (such as PHP or ASP, JSP, etc).
Knowledge of SQL and database design and how they interact with Web pages is also necessary as well as a strong aptitude for troubleshooting.