Fall Semester Cyber Challenge Project

The DFCSC is looking for a team of students who want to participate in building and presenting a cyber challenge to the members of the state Joint Cyber Task Force. Participants will work this semester in using the HOTSIM platform to build a cyber challenge and associated training materials to be presented in this year.

The challenge and training materials will be used to present/run a cyber challenge for small teams of JCTF members. Students will learn the platform and the attacks against it to determine the sequence of events that take place during the challenge. Students will need to decide what knowledge and skill level are required for each of the roles within the challenge. During the presentation students will assist the JCTF members in completing the challenge.

All skill levels are welcome. Students with experience or interest in Exchange, AD, or IIS, Networking, and Firewalls are encouraged to attend.

Interested students should contact Jake Fonseca at jfonseca@uri.edu.

The HOTSIM Platform

The HOTSIM is a virtualization platform that simulates a small business enterprise. The platform contains a complete Windows Domain, Exchange email, IIS web site, and other corporate support utilities including Cisco ASA Firewall, Routers and Switches.


The Rhode Island Joint Cyber Task Force (RIJCTF) was established to prevent and respond to cyber security events and defend the security of critical infrastructure. The RIJCTF is comprised of members from the Rhode Island State Police Computer Crimes Unit and individuals representing higher education, hospitals, finance, utilities and defense.