Web Page Developer Wanted by Visible Systems Corporation

Visible Systems Corporation is looking for someone local to the South County area to rebuild the front-end code of its web site to improve layout and visual design details. Attention to detail with layout, spacing, typography and graphics as well as the ability to create clean/modular CSS/HTML code is required. Willingness to work with, improve and rebuild existing templates/code is also required.

Requirements: HTML, Javascript, some knowledge of ASP.NET and/or comfort working with backend code. Experience in Dreamweaver, Photoshop or some other design and layout software is also required in the design and creation of web pages including the ability to incorporate mini-videos, flash, request page, and social media options.

Approximately 12 hours a week are required and the hours can be morning, afternoon or evenings. Work can be done from the campus or from home. Internship pays $12.00 per hour.

Michael Cesino
Visible Systems Corporation
The Kenwood Centre
63 Fountain Street
Framingham, MA 01702