Graphics System Programmer

The Graphics Systems Programmer is responsible for integration and development of graphics software at the Center for Computation and Visualization (CCV), Brown University. The Graphics Systems Programmer will contribute to research and application development activities in various inter-disciplinary scientific projects.

The focus of the position is to provide targeted support for research using one of Brown’s two advanced virtual reality (VR) systems, the Cave and YURT, as well as supporting emerging commodity based head mounted displays (HMDs).

The Graphics System Programmer is expected to help maintain a portfolio of general purpose VR applications, port applications to the VR systems, and design and code new applications.  Secondary responsibilities include providing support for general purpose visualization on the desktop, as well as provide expert knowledge on advanced visualization trends and techniques.

It is expected the Graphics System Programmer will also provide general Linux support on the CCV systems and visualization infrastructure, and will provide a conduit for the High Performance Computing (HPC) users to transition to using advanced visualization techniques.


  • Bachelors degree and 1 – 2 years of IT related experience
  • Experience in collaborative development of interactive 3D and VR graphics applications
  • Experience programming OpenGL application in Unix, Windows, and OSX environments
  • Experience with advanced graphics programming, including use of CG, Cuda, Open-CL, and/or GLSL
  • Experience with visualization of data from one or more physical or life sciences disciplines
  • Academic training in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, with computer graphics emphasis (advanced degree preferred)
  • Experience collaborating with university scientists on data visualization projects
  • Familiarity with latest graphics hardware (shaders, GPGPU)
  • Some exposure to designing and conducting formal usability studies

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