Bay Computer Associates, Inc. (BCA) is a 25-person electronics and software contract design firm located in the Providence area since 1989. We are looking for engineers in the areas of applications software, embedded software, digital electronics, and analog electronics.

BCA is looking for an entry level firmware design engineer to add to the BCA team. Candidate should minimally have either a BS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science from an accredited four-year university.

Direct course and/or lab work in one or more of the following areas:

For software — embedded real-time “C” programming, operating systems & debuggers, micro-controllers, development using C#/Microsoft visual Studios, Linux, Qt, iOS, android, AWS, Google Cloud, labview.

For Electronics — digital and/or analog electronics, schematic capture, or PCB layout is also considered a plus as is basic knowledge in the operation of oscilloscopes, digital multi-meters, and other basic electronic debug instruments.

Relevant internship experience in these same areas is a definite plus and will be considered by BCA during hiring and offer process.

BCA has done all kinds of designs and we’ve worked with large companies as well as startups. Much of our work involves embedded systems that run on custom electronics that we design. Also, we do a significant amount of medical device design as well as mobile/cloud applications to view the data we collect.

Because we do contract design for other companies, a very significant portion of the engineering responsibilities is actually product design. We do complete product design by partnering with an industrial design firm and a contract manufacturer. As our company has grown, the projects have become increasingly more interesting. You can look at our website to see some of them. ( )

We have an impressive record of retention of employees. People enjoy the work environment. We have great benefits. While we do some on-site work, the majority of our work is done right in our offices. We are a small company so you will have influence over the design and have some customer contact.

Advanced degrees are not really a requirement. In fact, the person could get one while they work for us if they like. We are most interested in engineers that are inquisitive and “life long learners”. We need people that are practical but are not afraid to apply theory to the problem. Cracking a book or application note to learn more about something is what we expect. BCA offers interesting work with a high level of design, interactions with other experienced designers in a great environment

We would really like somebody with an interest in gaining a breadth of experience. An example would be somebody who can do analog and digital or digital and firmware or firmware and application software. Regarding experience, it is rare that a person out of school has enough skill to walk right in and be productive in a few short months. Somebody who is really smart, is inquisitive, and has a fine work ethic would be important to us.

This is one of our strong points cause we don’t pigeon hole somebody into a particular area. You can move around and do different things to stay interested. One of my engineers said in a review “this is the hardest but most rewarding job I’ve ever had”.

If you have interest please submit your resume and transcript to