Bay Computer – Intern Positions


Each year we select an electronics intern and a software intern.

This is a paying internship with a flexible schedule. We would also consider retaining the intern part-time during the academic year.

The electronics intern will help in development support tasks such as rework, schematic capture and layout. Although these are jobs associated with a technician, it will involve him/her in the design techniques and process of sophisticated equipment development. He/she will work closely with experienced designers.

The software intern will likely help to create a generic embedded system based on modules that Bay Computer has previously used in design products. This would be the basis for a reusable system for future products. Here again, the intern will work closely with experienced designers.

About Bay Computer Associates
Bay Computer Associates is contract design firm that designs software and electronics for other firms. Our company is exciting from an engineer’s perspective. We have designed numerous products including medical products which have been registered with the FDA, precision instrumentation for the laboratory, data communications devices, and microcontroller systems for industrial control. Our clients include Bausch & Lomb, Motorola, Zoll Medical, and Baxter Health Care.

We design computer software. Each of our principal technical personnel has over ten years of software development experience. We are proficient in the ‘CH’ programming language with experience in both system and application software. We design and develop MS-Windows programs.

We design hardware and firmware for embedded systems and peripherals. Our experience includes low power design, low noise analog design as well as high speed digital design.

Bay Computer Associates’ offices are located at the Providence, Cranston line a few blocks south of the Elmwood Avenue exit of Interstate 95. For those students without transportation, our offices are located on a bus route at 136 Frances Ave, Cranston, Rl 02910.

What Next
Contact David A. Durfee {e-mail:} to request more information or to send a resume and set up an interview.