Alumni: Application Software Developer Job

Company : Precision X-Ray Inc.
Location : North Branford, CT
Division/Department : R&D
Job Title : Software Engineer
Position : Full Time
Salary : Based on experience
Company Contact : Brendan Lukaniec, , 203-484-2011

Company Description

State-of-the-art research demands high performance and dependable tools in order to achieve reliable and repeatable results. Precision X-ray is the leading provider of safe, high output X-Ray irradiators used in modern translational research. It’s our mission to continually develop X-ray systems that help researchers globally to better understand radiation induced effects in the sciences of molecular biology and cancer research. Please visit our website for more information:

Job Description

Looking for an applications developer to design, develop, test, and release graphical user interfaces to be used directly by our customers on our cabinet x-ray irradiator systems. Any application developed will have to be maintained and improved as new hardware/software features are developed by R&D and sales and marketing for our products. Maintenance and bug fixes will be required for existing product software. Currently, all of our applications are Windows based but we are open to other platforms such as Linux or Android or maybe iOS.

Duties will include

  •  Developing applications/GUI(s) from the ground up
  • Interfacing with hardware in real time such as motion controllers, microcontrollers, temperature sensors, x-ray dose measurement systems, etc. including communications such as ethernet, USB, serial, fiber optic…
  • Develop fiber optic/USB/Gig-E based interfaces for x-ray imaging cameras and other imaging systems
  • Database development to store/export user/system information/performance
  • Software version control and maintain organized records of all obsolete and active softwares
  • Software maintenance/bug fixes/improvements on newly developed software and pre-existing software
  • Work with electrical/mechanical engineers within the R&D team, as well as sales and marketing, and outside technology partners to determine design requirements, etc..
  • Develop software for automated burn-in processes and quality assurance tests on production systems prior to shipment to customers
  • Design and execute Verification/Validation (VV) plans, reports, and documents for FDA purposes
  • Support Customer Service department to analyze and resolve software issues our customers/service techs come across

Experience Requirements

  •  Minimum 3 years relevant work experience
  • Full product cycle experience with mechanical aspect of a system: design, develop, test, release, production
    • Developing applications from the ground up, testing, and releasing to production/end user
  • Ability to support multiple products simultaneously
  • Maintenance/improvements of released applications
  • Setup and maintenance of modern software version control systems
  • Proven experience in software release configuration, control, and management of a complex product
  • Proven experience in object oriented software design and development
  • Proven understanding and hands on design, development, testing, and debug experience with Microsoft programming tools and programming technologies
  • Programming experience with Linux, iOS, Android
  • Database setup and maintenance
  • Knowledge of client/server style software concepts and development
  • Good documentation and organizational skills
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Use of Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and/or similar productivity tools in Windows PC environment to generate documents Education Requirements
  • B.S. in Computer Science or Biomedical/Electrical/Computer Engineering or Physics or Math
    M.S, Ph.D in similar field with intensive software development experience