Spotlight – Patrick Eads

Patrick Eads Patrick Eads, born in Charlotte, NC moved to Rhode Island in 2001 and is now in his 5th year at URI, finishing a triple major in Computer Science, German, and Mathematics.

Starting his freshman year, Patrick decided to major in Computer Science, focusing more on the mathematics and theory behind the subject, which led him to study both subjects. Taking German for his language requirement prompted a discussion with his professor, Dr. Hedderich, who urged him to continue his language studies. The summer after his 2nd year, Patrick attended the German Summer School of the Atlantic, a program geared towards intensive German language instruction with an extensive list of extra-curricular activities.

During his third year, Patrick took classes to complete more of the requirements for his three majors before finally heading to Germany for one year. While not an engineering major, he was still able to take part in the unique aspect of the program that allows students to take part in a 1-year tour of a country of which they know the language.

In Germany, Patrick spent the first six months taking four courses in a city campus within Braunschweig. “There was a lot of support through the university. They set up events for the students.” While there, he also took the change to visit nearby places such as Italy, the British Isles, Austria and Amsterdam.

The next half of his year abroad was spent at an internship with BMW in Munich. There, he worked with a head researcher developing an automated parametric test case generator. This experience cemented his goal of pursuing a doctorate in order to ultimately conduct research at a university or at a private research institution. His research interests focus on machine learning and computer algebra systems. He has also considered pursuing a law degree, specializing in patent law.

Currently, he is conducting research with Dr. Hervé and a fellow student, William Disanto, on motion detection sensor networks with Patrick taking point in the mathematics aspect of the project.

During his fifth year, Patrick will be taking a graphics course as his last computer science class and will be applying to graduate school the year after.