Spotlight – Kim Lesieur

Kimberly LesieurKimberly Lesieur is a local Rhode Islander, but unlike most of us, actually lives on an island; hailing from Portsmouth on Aquidneck Island. Kim is a senior who majors in Applied Mathematics, and minors in both Computer Science and Digital Forensics. Kim got interested in Computer Science as a way to use her mathematical knowledge into developing actual applications.

Her favorite classes have been Introductory Programming and Design with Deborah Mathews and Database Management Systems with Dr. Lisa DiPippo.

Kim joined the Digital Forensic Center as an intern in Spring 2014, often assisting in forensic cases and furthering her education of methodologies and tools such as Cellebrite mobile data extraction and geo-photo mapping to recreate a timeline of a suspect’s day. She has also helped in multiple exercises in educating Cybersecurity to high school students. She took part in URI’s GRRL Tech which inspires high school girls to take interest in STEM majors and industries.

She has helped a multitude of undergraduate students learn fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming as a three semester Teacher Assistant for CSC 211. Exhibiting herself as an example of polymorphism, not only has she helped teach CSC students programming foundations, but has also spread her reach by assisting in the Cybersecurity Honors Colloquium which taught privacy and security to students of a non cyber-related background.

Last Summer Kim worked at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport working on satisfying the United States’ needs today and meeting tomorrow’s challenges for maritime dominance. She also applies her knowledge in helping high school students build and operate automated and remote controlled robots.

After graduation from URI, Kim is looking to find work in data analysis and correlation. She enjoys learning about big data concepts and working in database design and hopes to use these to pursue her future career.