Spotlight – Dan Gauthier

Meet Dan Gauthier, a senior Computer Science major and current Ram Hacks President. A local Narragansett High School graduate, Dan looked at several colleges and universities in New England and decided on The University of Rhode Island because of its close proximity to home.  “URI had everything I was looking for” including a Computer Science program with impressive labs and affordable in-state tuition.

Dan’s determination and hard work has paid off and he is on track to graduate this coming May even after taking a semester to travel abroad to Scotland.  “I didn’t think it was possible to travel abroad being a CS major, but I was able to work it all out.”  Proof that having a can do attitude pays off! When asked what his favorite CSC class has been, he quickly responded with CSC 212, Data Structures and Abstractions, with Dr. Alvarez is at the top of the list. Admittedly the class was hard but was worth the effort. CSC 301, Foundations of Programming Languages, wasn’t far behind, “seeing the languages and how they all work was out” left him excited for the future.  Stepping outside of the STEM box, Dan enrolled in several general education honors classes early on at URI. One in particular entitled Why People Collect Things: Constant Cabinet of Curiosity “really allowed me to enjoy Art coming from a STEM discipline”.

Not afraid of additional responsibilities, Dan is often found in Tyler Hall where he has been a department undergraduate teaching assistant since his sophomore year. Summers have been spent doing research and tutoring the Talent Development students in CSC 101. He also worked closely with Dr. Fay-Wolfe and wrote the curriculum for 11th Grade High School Students for the K-12 Computer Science initiative. More recently, he taught a pilot class at ACE Academy in Providence during the January break. Dan didn’t have to go far when it came to seeking advice in the classroom “My parents are elementary school teachers in Warwick and Coventry so I could talk to them.”

The future looks bright for Dan as he thinks about possibly applying for a Master’s degree in Computer Science and potential job opportunities in Software Engineering and Cyber Security.  Whatever Dan decides, he is sure be a success if the past is any indicator !!