Emily Grote

Emily GroteEmily Grote is a Computer Science student who discovered her affinity for programming after taking CSC211, an Introductory course in programming. CSC 211, CSC 481 and CSC 436 are the classes Emily enjoyed most in the CS department because of the challenges and problem solving opportunities they provided. Generally, she likes the size of Computer Science classes and how professors are always willing to help students. When she’s not doing school work, Emily spends her time advancing her computer skills in the business world. Over the summer, she interned at Sparta Systems Inc. where she developed an email server application and an encryption program that was released to customers. She is currently doing an internship with the University Computing Systems where she is developing a digital museum for the Bonoff family collection. Emily is graduating in May with a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science, after which she is planning to start her career as a C# or Java programmer.