Spotlight – Chris Brown

Chris BrownChristopher Brown, a Glocester, RI native, is a senior completing his B.S. in computer science this spring. Working in a 3D sonar company, Farsounder, which was started by URI alumni, he is on his way towards a great career in software development used by the military and various corporations.

Knowing he wanted to major in computer science from the very beginning, he has found the program at URI to be enriching. “It’s what you make of it,” he says. The department offers practical work experience to apply the theoretical approaches taught in class. “Some of the classes are difficult but each one serves its purpose, although, this may not be obvious at first.” The hardest classes in the curriculum, CSC 340 (Mathematical Foundations in Computer Science) and CSC 440 (Algorithms and Data structures) are what he considers the most beneficial because they taught him to think creatively. He also enjoys CSC 320, a social issues class, because it allows him to objectively think about what the implications of his actions in the IT industry could be. Overall, he thinks that the CS department prepared him for the workplace without him even realizing it.

Chris keeps himself busy by participating in other things aside from his CS classes. He is also a business minor and the captain of the ultimate frisbee team at URI. The team plays in tournaments weekly. “It’s definitely important to be involved when you get to college.”

On top of everything, Chris works for FarSounder, a young company started as a research project from oceanography students at URI. They work on 3D sonar software commissioned by different organizations. Chris worked on Sonasoft, the software FarSounder developed, during the 2.0 release where they added a new interface. “I love the work and the company.” He is given practical work where he can apply his skills in a safe but challenging environment among strong peers to help guide him when he runs into problems. With Chris a part of the Sonasoft project team, FarSounder benefitted from the fresh set of eyes he brought to the project. Working for FarSounder has also given him the opportunity of entering programming competitions such as ICFP.

This January, he will be hired by FarSounder as a salaried employee after his internship is over. He will be working with C++, working more on the development of Sonasoft.