Spotlight – Caitlyn Duggan

Caitlyn DugganCaitlyn Duggan is a fourth year student who started her computer science career by taking CSC101 as a math requirement. Finding the class both challenging and fun, she worked on getting her CS minor and eventually switched her major as she found her place within the department. Describing the department as more personal and intimate, she values the time and interaction she can easily get from the professors.

She is successful academically and professionally, holding a position at The Search Agency in web development. She enjoys the cooperative atmosphere at work as well as the flexibility and opportunities they offer. Starting off in quality assurance testing client websites two summers ago, she made her way to the web development area with ease. She reported any bugs or enhancements and she was able to sit in on meetings and create new test plans when new features were to be added. Last summer, she transitioned into web development where she worked on templates using HTML and CSS. Working in QA before made her a meticulous coder. By the end of that summer, she was involved in writing code for client websites’ enhancements.  “I’m proud of my work,” she says about the projects she’s worked on.

Her favorite classes include CSC 212, 320 and COM 372. She learned a great deal about encapsulation and information hiding. The class was a good introduction to C++ and it emphasized to her the importance of planning ahead. In COM 372, she independently worked on a commerce site for users to buy books using PHP and MySQL. In that class, she enjoyed the independent work and having the chance to learn through discovery. Her Social Issues in Computing class, CSC 320, serves as a broadcast for technology news for her, and it the discussion-type format of the class allows her to analyze current issues extremely important in her field.

She also works for URI’s journalism department as a web developer. Caitlyn plans on continuing on as a programmer in an object-oriented language after graduation and eventually moving into software development.