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Data science is a newly emerging discipline in which experts collect, clean, organize, provide access to, analyze and communicate data. It is a combination of computer science, databases, ethics, mathematics, and statistics at its core. It is a translational approach – in the end you must learn to apply these skills to multiple other domains such as art, biology, business, climate, health, humanities, oceanography, science, social science, and more. The Data Science initiative at URI is coordinated by an interdisciplinary team from seven Colleges.

Do I Need to be a Mathematics or Statistics Expert?

No, but you need to be willing to take elementary courses in these domains and learn to apply them to real problems in order to pursue the degree and then employment in the discipline.

Can I Get a Job with a Degree in Data Science? reports that openings for data or analyst specialists are not far behind Computer Science, as the second most needed skills. In Rhode Island, 1100 openings were recently reported. Both Data Science and Computer Science are expected to be the most rapidly growing disciplines here in Rhode Island and nationally.

Is a Double Major or Minor Doable in Four Years?

Yes, the BA and minor are especially tailored for students wishing to complement their major in any discipline with data science.

Undergraduate Majors

Please contact Professor Joan Peckham if you have questions.

Bachelor of Science in Data ScienceCurriculum Worksheet

The B.S. curriculum is designed to provide a broad introduction to the fundamentals of data science including ethics, computing, statistics, and mathematics. The required mathematics preparation provides a basis for advanced work. Students will be well prepared for careers or graduate study in data science.

Bachelor of Arts in Data ScienceCurriculum Worksheet

The B.A. curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of data science and will prepare students to procure, manage, and analyze data.

Minor Programs

Minor in Data Science

A minor intended to provide students with preliminary data collection,
manipulation, access and/or analysis skills as are appropriate to data needs in their majors.

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