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Student Responsibilities

As early as possible, you should contact the department and ask to be put on the ugrad e-mail list if you are not already on it. It does not matter if you use your account for this mailing list, but you should use an account that you check regularly. If you are on this list, you will get e-mails relating to job openings and relevant events.

Find an Internship

Find an internship before semester begins. Suggested places to check are Providence Journal want ads, this website, talking to CS Faculty for positions working with them directly, online at RhodyNet (Go to and click on BEACON), other online job sites (Monster, Hotjobs, etc), or direct contact by you to URI CS partners.


See this webpage for more information about the project proposal. After submitting the proposal to the designated department contact, you must wait for approval before moving forward.

Register for Class

Once you get approval for your project, you will be able to get a permission number to sign up for the CSC 499 class on eCampus. You must be signed up before the semester of your internship begins.

Completing the course

If you are doing your CSC 499 project with one of the faculty (undergraduate research, independent study), that faculty member will determine how you will satisfy the requirements to earn credit for the course.

If you are doing an internship for CSC 499 credit, you will participate in an online Sakai course. A recent copy of the syllabus can be found here.

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