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What is CSC 499?

Our B.S. in Computer Science students are required to complete a supervised Project in Computer Science, CSC 499, which is often satisfied through an internship. Data Science B.A. and B.S. students and students minoring in Digital Forensics or Cyber Security might also choose to use CSC 499 as their integrative or capstone course.

With your assistance, students will complete a short proposal to help determine whether CSC 499 credit could be awarded for their particular internship. Criteria include the relevance of the work to be performed to the student’s field of study and the supervisory environment. Students are expected to be working on-site with full-time team members routinely engaged in similar work. One-off projects that are dissimilar to the work usually undertaken by an organization are less likely provide the context associated with a successful internship.

If an internship is not appropriate for CSC 499 credit, students might still seek to earn general internship credit through the Center for Career and Experiential Education:

Paid / Unpaid

Unpaid internships (link for more information) may be considered as well as paid internships.

Many students rely on their earnings to pay for their education. The Rhode Island Governor’s Workforce Board implements a Work Immersion Program that can cover up to 50% of the hourly wages paid to an intern.

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