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Scratch Programming

Campers will learn to about the concepts of computer programming using Scratch. Scratch is a language developed by MIT to teach younger children programming using visual images. Students will learn fundamental programming concepts like variables, loops and conditionals.

App Developer

This week has the campers using AppInventor to learn about programming animations, logic, planning and debugging while creating their own App. The goal is to introduce or strengthen programming skills in the context of an Android App.

Puzzles, Games and Logic

If you love solving puzzles and playing games this is the camp for you! Campers will develop analytical thinking and problem-solving skills while having fun with tangible representations. That’s right, there are no computers used, nothing virtual here. Recreational mathematics at its finest.

Advanced Programming with Python or Java

The idea of this camp is to serve those who may already know the basics of programming and are looking for the next step. This would be perfect if you’ve done a camp with us last year, though it is not necessary. The very basics will be quickly reviewed so there will be more time for advanced topics which may include algorithms and some data structures.


Week Topic Grade
July 2-6
9-13 Beginner Scratch Programming Entering 3-6th Grade
16-20 Advanced Scratch Programming Entering 3-6th Grade
23-27 Beginner GameMaker Entering 6-9th Grade
30-3 Advanced GameMaker Entering 6-9th Grade
30-3 Advanced Programming with Python Entering 7-10th Grade
August 6-10 Advanced Programming with Java Entering 7-10th Grade


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