This website is done as a part of my masters thesis in Computer Science at University of Rhode Island. We have also done Maple package for cryptography. Click here to visit our Maple package site. 

Surender R Chiluka

Email: chilukas@cs.uri.edu

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Edmund A. Lamagna

Professor, Dept of Computer Science

Email: eal@cs.uri.edu

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Thanks Note

I would like to thank my thesis committee members for their guidance in completing my thesis. 

I would also like to thank Thomas H. Barr (Invitation to Cryptology), Simon Singh (The Code Book) and Wade Trappe (Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory) for their books which helped me in doing this work thesis. Most of the information in the site  is based on these books. 

I would like to thank my fellow classmates of csc541 spring 2003. Classical cryptography part of this site is based up on the class projects

I would like to thank Lorraine Berube and Marge White, Secretaries, Dept of Computer Science for their help through the last two years.


Our main aim is to provide a basic knowledge of different cryptographic algorithms and their  brief history. The history and the algorithms presented are not our independent research and are not covered exhaustively

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