Enigma Machine

Interactive Demo

Please read the following instructions before running the applet. 

The applet is not designed exactly as an enigma machine, but close to it. You will not be able to make the rotor arrangement and plug board connections. We are only using the rotor having the letters in serial order a..z (so arrangement does not have any affect) and all the plug board connections are straight and are not shown.

  • You can select the initial rotor position by using the drop down box and then click on the set button

  • You can use the slider to change the speed at which the applet runs

  • Click on "stop at the end of character" to pause the applet. If clicked the applet will pause after encrypting the current character and then you can see "continue". click on "continue" to make the applet working again.

  • You can also see "work with strings". Actually the applet is designed to work with characters and strings. On clicking "Work with strings" the applet will go to string mode. While in string mode you will see "Work with characters", click to go back to character mode.

  • While the applet is running you can see a letter highlighted in red, in Plain text when encrypting and in cipher text while decrypting, this indicates that the letter highlighted is the current letter being processed

Working in character mode

  • The applet loads in character mode and encryption is selected.

  • You can use the key pad on the applet to encrypt/decrypt letter or use key board. If you want to use the key board you need to click on the open space of the applet. (This is required only once after the applet is loaded).

  • You can choose to encrypt/decrypt by clicking on encrypt/decrypt. (selection should be done before encrypting/decrypting)

Working in string mode

  • The key pad will be inactive when in string mode.

  • For encryption enter string in to plain text box and click encrypt button.

  • For decryption enter string in the cipher text box and click decrypt