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Computer science is a vibrant and rapidly changing discipline. Are you interested in web development, creating the next new app, or developing the next new high performance machine-learning algorithm? Learn how to analyze the oceans of data needed to secure the nation, cure diseases, develop vaccines, or model climate change by studying computer science.

Our Undergraduate curricula are aligned with the ACM & IEEE 2013 Curriculum Guidelines. Courses in machine learning, computer vision, and secure programming add to the core problem solving expertise needed in diverse industrial settings. Our mission is to prepare students with the lifelong learning skills needed in our modern fast-paced and rapidly evolving discipline. Our Graduate curricula provide the expertise needed for a career of research-based innovation.

We conduct leading-edge research in bioinformatics, machine learning and data-mining, real-time distributed objects, sensor networks, digital forensics, and interactive 3D graphics. Our dedicated faculty members are experienced in teaching, and have strong research experience in traditional and emerging areas of computer science and statistics. Our graduate programs are committed to meeting the needs of both industry professionals and full-time graduate students. Our graduate courses are offered at convenient times for professionals. For full-time graduate students, the department has Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships available that pay a stipend, cover tuition, fees, and insurance.

Students majoring in Computer Science at URI have the opportunity to participate in the International Computer Science Program (ICSP), an adjunct to the University’s well-known and successful International Engineering Program (IEP).

Learning Outcomes for Computer Science Majors

Undergraduate Majors

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Recommended for students who want to pursue technically focused careers that require strong mathematical and scientific preparation and those interested in computer science graduate studies.

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

A program designed for students who prefer more space for interdisciplinary study with a double major or minor in another field while preserving a strong computer science background that is excellent preparation for a career in computing.

International Computer Science Program

Five-year, dual-degree, B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in German, French, or Spanish.

Proposed Undergraduate Tracks in Computer Science

Web Development Contact: Dr. Joan Peckham | (401) 874-4174

Cognitive and Information Sciences Contact: Dr. Joan Peckham

Interactive Collaborative Gaming Contact: Dr. Jean-Yves Hervé

Masters Degrees

Master of Science in Computer Science

The M.S. in Computer Science program has one of the least structured course requirements of graduate programs in the region, specifically designed to allow a student and their advisor to determine the best program of study for the student’s interests. Thesis, non-thesis and applied non-thesis tracks are available with support in any of our research areas.

Professional Science Masters in Cyber Security COMPLETELY ONLINE

This is a tech-oriented degree integrated with professional cyber security skills. This program does not require applicants to have any specific technical background.

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics

The Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics is a formal graduate degree, but is focused on digital forensics and requires less course work than a full Master’s Degree. The graduate certificate in Digital Forensics allows students to get graduate credentials in an important and emerging field without having to commit to the requirements of a full Master’s degree.

Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security

The Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security is a formal graduate degree, but is focused on cyber security and requires less course work than a full Master’s Degree.

Doctoral Degrees

Ph.D in Computer Science

Students in the Ph.D. program typically work with one of our research groups to produce new intellectual contributions to the Computer Science field. The Ph.D. in Computer Science is a research degree where the student completes a major research project that enhances the field of Computer Science.


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