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University Archives Offers Paid Internship Working with XML and Databases

University Archives and Library Special Collections is looking for a skilled intern to help us manage the way we access our digital holdings. We are looking for someone who is adept at tailoring style sheets and at encoding in XML. Our finding aids are all in an XML subset called EAD (encoded archival description) and(…)

The Digital Ark Seeks Intern for Web e-commerce Implementation

Web Developer/Programmer Intern Seeking web developer/programmer intern responsible for implementing web e-commerce solutions utilizing PHP, CSS and FileMaker Advanced Server as a back-end.- Knowledge of HTML and PHP required. Knowledge of MYSQL and Flash programming a plus. We are primarily Mac-based. Please contact us at for more details. Please send resumes to Schedule/hours/start(…)

Website Maintenance on Drupal Wanted

Jamestown’s Conanicut Yacht Club is interested in hiring a student to help maintain the site, with much of the work able to be done remotely. While much of the work is largely clerical, adding and removing articles, we would prefer someone who is familiar with Drupal since we would like to improve the functionality of(…)

Spotlight – Jason Carvalho

Jason CarvalhoA resident of Warwick, RI, Jason Carvalho is a gradute student working towards his M.S. in computer science. As a URI graduate, he is now giving back to the department by being a teaching assistant in multiple computer science classes. His current projects include game development and he wants to eventually work on real-time artificial intelligence projects.

IMPORTANT CSC301 Summer Session Info!

We are planning to run CSC301 – Programming Languages as an online course during Summer Session 1. This means that many of you who are working will be able to take this class! BUT, before it can run, we need to have at least 9 students registered! We are short of that number at this(…)

CSC-305 Summer Session 3 (1&2) 2009

We are looking into the possibility of running CSC 305 (Software Engineering) during the summer. It would run for both sessions (SS3), and would meet twice a week (time and place TBA) based on enrollment and schedules. Please contact the CSC Department if you are interested in taking this course during the summer. Provide days(…)

East Coast Computer Algebra Day 2009

EAST COAST COMPUTER ALGEBRA DAY 2009 Saturday, May 2, 2009 University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI 02881 /eccad2009/ East Coast Computer Algebra Day (ECCAD) is an informal one-day meeting for those active or interested in computer algebra. It provides opportunities to learn and to share new results and work in progress. The schedule includes invited(…)

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