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Spotlight – Jake Tobak

Jake TobakJake Tobak is a local student, from Newport and is currently a senior in URI’s Computer Science Bachelor of Science program, as well as completing a double major in Applied Math.

Spotlight – Richard Guilmain

Richard Guilmain
Richard Guilmain, or Rich as he typically goes by, is originally from Smithfield, RI and is currently in his last semester of college here at URI.

Spotlight – Chris Brown

Chris BrownChristopher Brown, a Glocester, RI native, is a senior completing his B.S. in computer science this spring. Working in a 3D sonar company, Farsounder, which was started by URI alumni, he is on his way towards a great career in software development used by the military and various corporations.

Spotlight – Patrick Eads

Patrick  EadsPatrick Eads, born in Charlotte, NC moved to Rhode Island in 2001 and is now in his 5th year at URI, finishing a triple major in Computer Science, German, and Mathematics.

Spotlight – Kristina Hatch

Kristina HatchKristina Hatch is Bourne, MA resident working towards a degree in computer science with a minor in digital forensics. She has worked extensively on research projects within the University of Rhode Island’s Department of Computer Science and Statistics, some of which were funded by the National Science Foundation – Research for Undergraduate Experiences. Next semester, she will be working with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in Connecticut.

Spotlight – Corey Marchetti

Corey MarchettiHailing from Smithfield, RI, Corey Marchetti is a student pursuing a double major in Computer Science and German who recently made a trip out to Germany. While there, he attended classes as well as took part in an internship to develop the technical skills he developed while at URI.

Spotlight – Mike Coughlin

Mike CoughlinMike Coughlin is a Pawtucket native graduating this May with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in Digital Forensics. Leaning towards a career in law enforcement, he has worked with the RI State Police and plans on pursuing a career with the FBI after working in the Navy.

Spotlight – Jason Stedman

Jason StedmanJason Stedman is a Westerly native working towards his BA in computer science. Programming since age 6, he turned his hobby into a career, with plans of continuing his education after he graduates. He found his calling within the CS field, enjoying both the creativity and structured planning it requires to finish a project.

Spotlight – Erica Hanson

Erica HansonA Coventry, RI resident, Erica Hanson is a fourth year BA in Computer Science finishing her degree this May along with a double minor in Italian and the Classics.

Spotlight – Jason Carvalho

Jason CarvalhoA resident of Warwick, RI, Jason Carvalho is a gradute student working towards his M.S. in computer science. As a URI graduate, he is now giving back to the department by being a teaching assistant in multiple computer science classes. His current projects include game development and he wants to eventually work on real-time artificial intelligence projects.
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