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Minors in Programming

University of Rhode Island is pleased to introduce two new minors:

  • Web Programming
  • Enterprise Programming

Note: These are not available to Computer Science majors.


Rhode Island industries are interested in students who can program. If you are interested in computing and see a connection between your major and computing skills, this is for you. Experience in a Computer Science minor would enhance your marketability by adding computing skills to your major skills.

Incentives and Job market:

  • 50-75K starting salary for Web and Software Development
  • Huge shortage of people with these skills
  • First job out of college in software development will give you plenty of opportunities to grow into new roles within tech companies.

Here are the courses required for the 2 new minors:

Web Programming: Students are prepared for front end and back end development, using existing database architecture and product requirements to develop a web based application.
(Note: Computer Science Majors should follow the Web Programming Track)

List of courses:

  • CSC 106
  • CSC 201
  • CSC/COM 271
  • CSC/COM 372
  • CSC 399 – A new course designed as a industry-led capstone project course

Enterprise Programming: Students will have the foundation data structures and objected oriented programming skills.

List of courses:

  • CSC 106
  • CSC 110
  • CSC 211
  • CSC 212
  • CSC 399 – A new course designed as a industry-led capstone project course
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