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The department offers B.S. and B.A. degrees in Computer Science. Each curriculum is designed to provide a broad introduction to the fundamentals of computer science including software, systems, programming languages, machine architecture, and theoretical foundations of computing. The required mathematics preparation provides a basis for advanced work. Additionally, students in other degree programs may choose from minor degrees in computer science, statistics, digital forensics, and cyber security.

Learning Outcomes for Computer Science Majors

Undergraduate Majors

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Recommended for students who want to pursue technically focused careers that require strong mathematical and scientific preparation and those interested in computer science graduate studies.

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

A program designed for students who prefer more space for interdisciplinary study with a double major or minor in another field while preserving a strong computer science background that is excellent preparation for a career in computing.

International Computer Science Program

Five-year, dual-degree, B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in German, French, or Spanish.

Proposed Undergraduate Tracks in Computer Science

Web Development   Contact: Dr. Joan Peckham | (401) 874-2701

Cognitive and Information Sciences   Contact: Dr. Joan Peckham | (401) 874-2701

Interactive Collaborative Gaming   Contact: Dr. Jean-Yves Hervé

Minor Programs

Minor in Statistics

A minor designed to complement with data analysis skills and statistical foundations any major in other disciplines.

Minor in Computer Science

For students majoring in other disciplines, but wishing to have a solid background in computer science.

Minor in Digital Forensics

An interdisciplinary, minor program of study that integrates courses, research practica, and internships related to the theory and practice of Forensic Science.

Minor in Cyber Security

A minor program of study that integrates courses, research practica, and internships related to the theory and practice of Cyber Security.

Minors in Programming (proposed/faculty directed)

Minors in Web Programming and Enterprise Programming with industry-led capstone projects. (Not for Computer Scince Majors)


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