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Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics

Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is the application of forensic science techniques to the acquisition and analysis of evidence that exists in digital form (e.g. evidence found in files on hard drives, in emails, in network activity, etc).
Note that the Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics is designed to be done completely online so that students from anywhere may take all requirements for the degree online.
For more information on this program, visit the URI Digital Forensics Web Site.

Background Requirements


  • Demonstrable Technical Sophistication such as:
    • An A+ Certification
    • A Net+ Certification
    • A Bachelors Degree in Computer Science
    • A Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering
    • Significant experience in a professional position working with computers and networks

Certificate Requirements

Students will complete a minimum of 15 credits as follows:

15 credits from the following required courses:

  • CSC 412 – Operating Systems and Networks (4cr)
  • CSC 585 – Topics in Computer Forensics (4cr)
  • CSC 586 – Topics in Network Forensics (4cr)
  • CSC 591 – Research Practicum (1-4cr)

Note: Other courses may be substituted for the above courses for students who prefer a different emphasis.

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