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Professor Liliana Gonzalez

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Office Tyler 132
Dept. of Computer Science and Statistics
Tyler Hall
9 Greenhouse Road, Suite 2
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI, 02881
Telephone (401) 874-4497
Fax (401) 874-4617


1991 Ph.D. University of Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming
1981 M.S. University of Houston
Houston, Texas
1978 B.S. Quindio University
Quindio, Colombia

Teaching Appointments

2005 – Present Professor University of Rhode Island
Department of Computer Science and Statistics
Kingston, Rhode Island
2001 – 2004 Assistant Professor University of Rhode Island
Department of Computer Science and Statistics
Kingston, Rhode Island
1997 – 2000 Senior Lecturer University of Otago
Department of Finance and Quantitative Analysis
Dunedin, New Zealand
1997 Visiting Researcher University of Wyoming
Department of Statistics
Laramie, Wyoming
1990 – 1996 Lecturer University of Otago
Department of Finance and Quantitative Analysis
Dunedin, New Zealand
1984 – 1985 Lecturer and Director of Mathe Universidad Piloto de Colombia
Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
Bogota, Colombia
1983 – 1984 Part Time Lecturer Universidad de los Andes

Department of Computer Science

Bogota, Colombia

Course Information

  • STA308 – Introductory Statistics
  • STA412 – Statistical Methods in Research II
  • STA501 – Analysis of Variance and Variance Components
  • STA542 – Categorical Data Analysis Methods
  • STA592 – Special Topics in Statistics


My research interests are mainly in the areas of environmental modelling and monitoring, spatial statistics, computer intensive methods, time series analysis and biostatistics.

Selected Publications

  • Gonzalez, L., Hoang, P., Powell, J.G., Shi, J. “Defining and Dating Bull and Bear Markets: Two Centuries of Evidence”. Multinational Finance Journal. In Press.
  • Stopa, E.G., Butala, P., Salloway, S., Johanson, C.E., Gonzalez, L., Tavares, R., Hovanesian, V., Hulette, C.M., Vitek, M.P., Cohen, R.A.. “Cerebral Cortical Arteriolar Angiopathy, Vascular ß-Amyloid, Smooth Muscle Actin, Braak Stage and APOE Genotype”. Stroke. In Press.
  • Kang, H., Gonzalez, L., Harris, L., Nixon, S.. “Prediction of Spatio-Temporal Processes – A Case Study”. Proceedings of The International Statistical Institute. 2007.
  • Zipser, B.D., Johanson, C.E., Gonzalez, L., Berzin, T.M., Tavares, R., Hulette, C.M., Vitek, M.P., Hovanesian, V., Stopa, E.G.. “Microvascular Injury and Blood-Brain Barrier Leakage in Alzheimer’s Disease”.
    Neurobiology of Aging. 2007.
  • Gonzalez, L., Hanumara, C., Overdeep, C., Church, S.. “Assessment of Bicycle Paths from Users Perspective”.
    Proceedings of The 47th Annual Transportation Research Forum. 2006.
  • Hervé, J-Y, Liu, Q., Nicholson, M., Gonzalez, L., Mather, T.. “Combining Interactive Visualization and Statistics to Detect Patterns in Environmental Data”. Proceedings of The Seventh International Conference on Teaching Statistics. 2006.
  • Silberstein, T., Saphier, O., Paz-Tal, O., Trimarchi , J.R., Gonzalez, L., Keefe, D.L.. “Lead concentrates in ovarian follicle compromises pregnancy”. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology. 2006.
  • Gonzalez, L., Powell, J.G., Shi, J., Wilson, A.. “Two Centuries of Bull and Bear Market Cycles”. International Review of Economics & Finance. 2005.
  • Chick, G., Gonzalez, L.. “Case Studies in Cultural Control: John M. Roberts’ Four Southwestern Men”. Journal of Cross Cultural Research. 2005.
  • Silberstein, T., Trimarchi, J.R., Gonzalez, L., Keefe, D.L., Blazar, A.. “Pregnancy Outcome in In-vitro Fertilization Decreases to a Plateau with Repeated Cycles”. Fertility & Sterility. 2005.
  • Akhlaghi, F., Gonzalez, L., Trull, A.K.. “Association Between Cyclosporine Concentrations at Two Hours Post Dose (C-2) and Clinical Outcomes in de Novo Lung Transplant Recipients”. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. 2005.
  • Hollister, J. W., Gonzalez, L., Paul, J. F., August, P. V., Copeland, J. L.. “Assessing the Accuracy of the National Land Cover Dataset Area Estimates at Multiple Spatial Extents”. Journal of Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing. 2004.
  • Bardsley, W. E., Gonzalez, L.. “Revisiting On Counting by Weighing”. Proceedings of the Thirty-Second Annual Meeting of the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute. 2003.
  • Gonzalez, L., Auda, H.. “Re-sampling Methods in Regression: Which Method to Use Under Non-normality?”. Proceedings of the American Statistical Association. 2002.
  • Bhabra, G.S., Gonzalez, L., Myeong, S.K., Powell, J.. “Volatility Prediction During Prolonged Crises: Evidence from Korean Index Options”. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal. 2001.
  • Bhabra, G.S., Gonzalez, L., Myeong, S.K., Powell, J.. “Did Option Traders Predict the Korean Financial Crisis of 1997?”. Proceedings of the 8th Conference on the Theories and Practices of Securities and Financial Markets. 1999.
  • Gonzalez, L., Manly, B.F.J.. “Analysis of Variance by Randomization with Small Data Sets”. Environmetrics. 1998.
  • Gonzalez, L., Powell, J., Stump, R.. “Predicting Stock Market Returns Using TENZ Prices and NZSE Index Futures Prices”. New Zealand Investment Analyst Journal. 1998.
  • Premachandra, L.M., Gonzalez, L.. “A Simulation Model Solved the Scheduling Problem of Drilling Rigs at Clyde Dam”. Interfaces. 1996.
  • McDonald, L.L., Gonzalez, L., Manly, B.F.J.. “Using Selection Functions to Describe Changes in Environmental Variables”. Journal of Environmental and Ecological Statistics. 1995.
  • Premachandra, L.M., Gonzalez, L.. “An Exact Solution to a Class of Queuing Systems with Multipurpose Counters”. Journal of Computers and Operations Research. 1994.
  • Jeong, J., Gonzalez, L.. “Day-of-the-Week Effect: Selection Function Approach”. Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Annual Meeting of the Western Decision Sciences Institute. 1994.
  • Gonzalez, L., Benwell, G.L.. “Stochastic Models of the Behaviour of Scrubweeds in Southland and Otago”. Proceedings of the Statistics in Ecology and Environmental Monitoring Conference. 1993.
  • Gonzalez, L., Manly, B.F.J.. “Bootstrapping for Sample Design with Quality Surveys”. Proceedings of the Section on Quality and Productivity. 1993.
  • Gonzalez, L.. “Iterative Fitting of a Regression Model for Spatially Correlated Data”. Proceedings of the Second Annual Colloquium of the Spatial Information Research Centre. 1990.


  • Trends in Hydrology. Manly, B.F.J., Gonzalez, L.. Council of Scientific Research Integration, 1994.
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