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Why study Computer Science at URI?

Computer science is a vibrant and rapidly changing discipline. Whether you are interested in web development, creating the next new app, or developing the next new high performance machine-learning algorithm to analyze the oceans of data needed to secure the nation, cure diseases, develop vaccines, or model climate change, this is the discipline for you.

Our Undergraduate curricula are aligned with the ACM & IEEE 2013 Curriculum Guidelines, and provide the core problem solving expertise needed in diverse industrial settings and prepare students for the lifelong learning skills needed in our modern fast-paced and rapidly evolving discipline. Our Graduate curricula provide the expertise needed for a career of research-based innovation.

We conduct leading-edge research in bioinformatics, machine learning and data-mining, real-time distributed objects, sensor networks, digital forensics, and interactive 3D graphics with dedicated faculty members experienced in teaching with strong research experience in traditional and emerging areas of computer science and statistics.

Also, students majoring in Computer Science at URI have the opportunity to participate in the International Computer Science Program (ICSP), an adjunct to the University’s well-known and successful International Engineering Program (IEP).  To learn more click here.

For more information, read the letter from the Computer Science Department Chair to prospective students 

To read interviews with graduated Computer Science students, please check this link – “Making It Real”.

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Cybersecurity & Privacy Colloquium

Our dependence on modern technology is not without its downsides. Cyber threats pose serious economic and national security challenges. Moreover, corporations and government agencies track our online activities, purchases, and even our location.

Join our semester-long conversation about Cybersecurity & Privacy, with renowned leaders in the field. Evenings at 7:30 pm, Sept 9 – Dec 2.


Undergraduate Concentrations

Our undergraduate degree program offers four tracks or areas of emphasis to guide students in selecting courses:

Undergraduate Minors

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Department Spotlight

  • Spotlight – Jake Tobak Jake Tobak is a local student, from Newport and is currently a senior in URI’s Computer Science Bachelor of Science program, as well as completing a double major in Applied Math. Jake chose Computer Science because he knew while he would always be able to earn a comfortable living, he would know it would be ... Click here to read more.


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Employment Opportunities:

Assistant Professor in Computer Science

Multicultural Post-Doctoral Fellow in Computer Science and Statistics

Lecturer in Statistics

Assistant Professor in Statistics